Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
What Things You Should Avoid Storing In Cloud Solutions

Before you begin implementing cloud solutions in UAE, you should consider the data you want to store. Some examples are Data, Apps, and Documents. Some types of data should be stored locally, while others should be offsite. Make sure to research your provider’s security and privacy policies. This is especially important if you use cloud storage for sensitive business data. If you don’t feel comfortable entrusting your data to a third party, you should not use this type of cloud storage.


Your data must remain protected and secure regardless of how much money you spend on your cloud solution. Unauthorized access to sensitive business documents can result in financial losses and brand damage. However, many cloud solutions have security features designed to ensure data integrity and availability. For example, each file is stored on multiple servers with redundant copies. In the event of a server crash, you’ll still have access to the latest document version.

Do not store highly regulated documents or data:

If you have highly regulated documents or data, you shouldn’t store them in a cloud solution. This is because only authorized users should have access to this data. Another type of data you shouldn’t store in a cloud solution is pirated or illegal data. No matter what storage method you choose, hackers have a way to get access to it. Therefore, an off-site storage solution is the best way to secure your data.

Do not store financial records:

Most cloud solutions are relatively safe, but there are certain types of files you should never store on a cloud service. Data types, such as financial records and other highly regulated documents, should never be stored in the cloud. Other data types, like pirated or illegal, should never be stored on a cloud service. Fortunately, most cloud storage providers use extensive security measures to prevent hackers from accessing your data.

Avoid storing Apps:

While cloud solutions like Dropbox and Google Photos offer an easy and convenient way to store data, there are some applications you should avoid storing in the cloud. These include social networks, photos, e-books, video games, music, and streaming services. There are many others, but the list is endless. You should think twice before storing your personal information in the cloud, particularly if you rely on other people’s computers.

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