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CCTV Installation Guide For Beginners

The CCTV installation process is a daunting task. It requires proper knowledge and the right skills to handle different types of cables used in the installation. If you are a beginner in CCTV installation in Abu Dhabi, there are a few things you should know. First, you should know the types of cables used in CCTV installation. For example, you can use RG59 Siamese coax cable or RG6 Cat5E or Cat6 cable.

RG59 Siamese coax cable:

RG59 Siamese oax cable is a common type of cable used for CCTV installations. It comprises a video coax cable with a solid copper core and a pair of 18-gauge, 2-conductor power wires. It is a durable cable with a high EMI protection rating and is ideal for long-term installation.

RG59 Siamese cable comes in different lengths, with or without connectors. It is available in spools or rolls and can be cut to desired lengths. The spools come with an extra cable, which can be easily coiled for use above drop-tile ceilings. It is important not to coil the cable for more than 10 feet, as more than that can result in resistance to the power flow.

Choosing a type of RG59 Siamese coaX cable is an essential step in a CCTV installation. This type of cable is used for surveillance and security cameras and is compatible with high-resolution surveillance technologies. It also supports video transmission up to 800 feet and is available in rolls of 500 or 1,000 feet.

RG6 Cat5E or Cat6 cables:

Whether you’re installing a CCTV system for a business or residential property, you’ll need to purchase a proper cable for the job. There are two main types of CCTV cables: RG59 and RG6. While RG59 is the standard thickness for analog security camera systems, you can also use Cat5E or Cat6 cables with the appropriate connectors. The main difference between these two cables is the thickness. The thicker the cable, the longer it can carry a signal. However, the thinnest cable is much easier to work with.

When choosing the cable, you should keep in mind that each camera installation is different. While the equipment may be the same, the structure and building that the system installed will make the installation unique. This means that running a cable from a camera to a network connection may be easy or difficult, depending on the installation. In either case, best practices apply.

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